Pee Wee Playoff Update

  1. Blue Jays:    4W, 1L
  2. Yankees:      3W, 3L
  3. Tigers:          2W, 3L
  4. Red Sox:      2W, 4L

Based on the above, the Blue Jays will be playing the Yankees on Saturday at 2PM at RBP#1 for the Day of Champions.

The suspended game between the Blue Jays and Tigers will not have to be finished, since the outcome of that game will not affect the final team rankings.  If the Tigers were to win the suspended game, it would bring them into a tie with the Yankees – however, the first tie-breaker is the head-to-head playoff record, which would still keep the Yankees in 2nd place.

We look forward to seeing everyone out at the Day of Champions.  Regardless of whether your team is playing, please be sure to bring your team equipment with you on Saturday, as we would like to get everything all wrapped up.

Thank you to everyone for your time and your efforts in coaching this year – it is greatly appreciated!!